Mistakes You Make While taking Care of Your Teeth

Almost 50% Of the people in the world brushes their teeth twice a day. But Brushing 2 times a day is far more away from taking care of teeth. Which is actually ignored by people.

MadOverBrand has found those major mistakes which people make along with the solution to it how you can keep those habits to maintain your smile for years.

Brushing Your Teeth Very Hard

hard brushing

This is the common thing which most people don’t notice. While Brushing our teeth we forget about the pressure we are giving on our teeth. When the pressure of toothbrush is hard, its brush heads turn down and don’t clean the plaque, rather the overpressure damages the gum. It is always necessary that you maintain the pressure on your teeth. the electric toothbrush has overcome this problem by having pressure sensors. You can try our guide to choose one from them Here.

Bad Eating Habits

bad eating habit

Everyone knows that sweet eatables cause cavities. In order to keep our teeth healthy and strong, we need to eat food that contains calcium, phosphorus, and fluorine. For Calcium, you can add dairy products, beans, and fish in your food For fluorine you can use milk and salt. In some areas, fluorine is by default found in water in case you can avoid it. for phosphorous, you can take nuts, lentils, cereals.

Not using Tooth Cleaning Device

The hardness of toothbrush has nothing to deal with the cleaning of teeth no matter how hard brush ears are they cannot remove the plaque completely. That is why comes in the picture dental flossers. Dental Floss is used to cleaning in between the Gaps. If you have wider Gapes then you can use an interdental brush. And For Cleaning YOur Mouth from bacteria mouthwash is the best choice.

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You can also obtain A shower for your teeth which is known as an oral irrigator. It showers your teeth and gums which you can do after every brushing. It can clean your teeth, tongue and massage your gums well.

Not Caring For Gums

not caring for gum

If your gums have not good blood supply and are week then it can lead to periodontitis. It can cause week Gums and they can bleed and become sensitive. With time and age, you can also lose your teeth.

To keep your gums healthy you need to do regular massage of gums so that proper blood flows in them. When Eating solid food, and chew it thoroughly. And don’t forget to rinse your mouth after every time you eat something.

Don't Get Teeth Aligned


Many people think that teeth can be corrected only in teenage, not in adult They are absolutely wrong !. And due to this wrong conclusion, they don’t take care of their smile. Not correcting your teeth can lead to cavities and decay at later age of time and cause big trouble then.

If you feel bad about the visibility of those braces you can try invisible lingual braces which are placed on the back side of the teeth. You can get them easily at any dental clinic.

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