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Lots of people talk about the pros and cons of applying henna for hair .Applying heena has no harm on your hair till you use it correctly.What is required is “the complete knowledge about How To Apply Henna On Hair“. Heena is natural hair color. Heena based color last long, its a kind of organic hair colour. There is a lot of henna hair dye available in a market which claims to be heena, but they are actually henna hair dye. The Real henna for hair is pure which is free from any chemicals. And Its henna hair color lasts for 7-15 days based on your frequency to do shampoo. A lot of people use hair dye for men keeping in mind the duration to apply for instant results, but its side effects are shown at a later age. You can use Heena for black and grey hair. You can find best henna hair dye at your local stores make sure to check the the Hair coloring chemicals . and choose safest hair color.

What chemicals Are in Hair dye

Now That you have understood about finding safest hair color Lets talk about how you can apply it.

How To Do Henna

Things you should keep in mind using heena hair pack

  • Elements you are putting does not harm any allergic to your skin / scalp
  • The way you are applying covers all the section of your scalp 
  • In the busy schedule of today’s life no body has time to visit saloons for applying heena but no worries , you can do it at home in just few minutes Its a simple herbal product and doesn’t make your color red if applies in proper way.
how to apply henna on hair

how to apply henna on hair

Making a Good Color (dark brown color/burgundy/blonde not red)for hair and conditioning with heena includes basic elements like 

  1. Heena 
  2. Coffee
  3. Fenugreek Seeds /powdered preferred  (dana methi powder)
  4. 1 tsp Sugar
 Using Fenugreek seeds powder will help to reduce headache and provides a relieving tonic for head which makes the scalp fresh and releases tension.Its a Good conditioner for hair providing solutions to stop hair fall and a darkish brown natural color to hair.
If you don’t have fenugreek seeds or in addition to heena you can use beetroot also known as chukundar in heena .
Adding sugar to your hair will increase the lasting color on your hair for longer time duration.
washing your hair before applying heena is a bad practice as it doesn’t allow heena to stay in your hair for long time .washed hair becomes more clean that they don’t allow heena to stay on your scalp and drop its color.For better results of heena :prefer hair washed 3 days before.
Don’t leave heena overnite it will cause hair to become rough and dry.apply for 1.5 to 2 hr. max.
To apply heena on your OWN HAIR 
  •  Divide your hair into 2 parts : Ear to Ear  like shown in image.
how to apply henna on hair

how to apply henna on hair

  •  Hair that are in front of both the sides ,tug them with clutcher/clip
  •  Now you are left with the hair at the back side of your hair ,apply heena on the center layer of your hair keeping in head and roll them on your scalp making a kind of juda roll.
  • Now take another layer from left and apply heena and roll on that old one in that juda form
  •  Now from right side and so on from left -right.after this sections your back hair are complete its time to move towards first half sections of your scalp
  • Now take one layer from left and one from right and cover it on that same judi you have made.
Now once this portions is complete wait for 10 minutes and you will see that the front part of your hair has dried a little and some white hair becomes visible.Now apply heena on them .After 10 minutes again and you are done.It will allow heena to stick to your hair for longer time.
Don’t leave your hair to get heena dry on scalp It will make your hair dry and rough.
Instead cover it with a soft cloth and complete 1.5 hr or 2 hr cycle.
your are done with your hair and good heena which will last longer.
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