5 Best Exercising At Home For Women

Nowadays, every woman seems to be frantically worried about her waistline, and overall physical health profile. And there exist a number of solid reasons behind this now seemingly-existential concern – one that also happens to factor within the lives of all men struggling with constant weight-control, muscle & bone-density problems. Issues such as the fast and endemically stressful pace of modern living, coupled with cheap carbohydrate &Trans-fat loaded (and overall nutritionally depleted) varieties of ‘food’ made available for popular public consumption within the consumer marketplace, combine to inflict a heavy physiological toll on all the individuals they come in contact with.

Issues such as the fast and endemically stressful pace of modern living, coupled with cheap carbohydrate & Trans-fat loaded (and overall nutritionally depleted) varieties of ‘food’ made available for popular public consumption within the consumer marketplace, combine to inflict a heavy physiological toll on all the individuals they come in contact with. All this seems true, but with numerous health programs are running on your screen by Spectrum TV, you are bound to move and become better and fitter!

How ‘Exercising at Home’ Often Becomes the ONLY Practicable Solution

The great number of everyday professional and personal commitments which all people cannot help but be encumbered with consequently see to it that a major portion of the public demographic is left without much time to attend to proper physical exercise regimens on a distinct basis. Since these people cannot afford to get by with a progressively deteriorating health condition, which promises an even greater cost burden on their monthly budgets & aggregate quality-of-life dynamics, they are normally left with only one practicable alternative at their disposal; with this being to work out in the comfort of their home settings.

Exercising at home naturally entails no gym or aerobics class subscription costs, though in ideal circumstances the practice does require its participants to invest in proper workout gear (and particularly good women’s fitness jackets &women’s fitness sneakers where the ladies are concerned). These self-purchased amenities should normally include a good pair of comfortable sneakers, rolling mats, convenient hydration equipment, and informative (step-by-step) textual and/or multimedia productions (women’s exercise DVDs) that detail every stage of the chosen physical exertion process in a simple manner.

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A decent women’s exercise clothing brand can prove to be very handy for making these purchases (and particularly when you want to get those tricky women’s exercise t-shirts that fit!).


Listing my Top 5 In-Home Exercises for Women

As a lifelong exercise trainer and chiropractor, I have found some home-based workouts to be more superior to others (a huge and confusing mix of which can be found on the Internet) in toning and strengthening women’s bodies, and in helping them to systematically shed-off some excess pounds.

I’ve listed five of the most effective ones in this post, and I can guarantee that once you start to incorporate them into your daily workout regimens, you’ll really start to see concrete results within a few weeks’ time. Whether you’re interested in pursuing workouts at home for legs, growing those abs for your next open-beach date, or simply preventing your belly from protruding any further than it already is – these exercises can turn out great for whatever physical health goals you’re aiming to realize.

And particularly if you’re looking forward to exercising to strengthen legs at home.

Just be sure to consult your G.P before starting out with these exercises, so that you don’t end up pulling a tricky muscle or spraining a joint.

Single-Leg Horizontal Raises


Usually featured in my Exercise for Legs in Home classes, this particular workout is ideal for both strengthening and firming glutes, thighs, and the lower-belly region as well as in significantly tightening the core. And to top it all off, it’s not particularly difficult to carry out.


Step 1: Stand straight with your core tightened, feet kept a few inches apart, and chin held high. Gradually, raise your right leg from the back out and lower your upper-body downwards from the waist; all the while pivoting your frame on your left leg and foot.

Step 2: Go as low (forward) as you can, and try to form a horizontal. Retain position for a total of 5 seconds.

Step 3: Go back to standing (rest position), and follow the first two steps now using the right leg as the pivot.

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Step 4: Complete at least 5 reps with each leg in one sitting. To make the exercise more intense, hold suitably-weighed dumbbells in both hands (and turn your session into a complete home leg workout with dumbbells).

Acute Side Raises

This exercise is great for keeping the waistline in check, and for pumping those abs. Although it comes highly recommended, it can prove to be a bit too strenuous for some beginners (because of which you’re advised to proceed slowly and make your footing comfortable). Many gym trainers used to raise about its efficacy in the pages of the Women’s Fitness Bible once.


Step 1: Lie on your left side, and support your body weight on your left forearm, elbow, and foot-side, while ensuring that no other body part touches the ground. Keep the body (sideways parallel to the ground) in a straight line from shoulder to toes.


Step 2: Retain position for up to 10 seconds, while keeping the free arm raised outwards at right angles to the body.


Step 3: Fall back to rest (supine position), and repeat steps with the right arm used as the support in the next set.


Step 4: Perform up to 5 sets with each arm – and consider complementing this exercise with one of the many targeted at home workouts for legs and abs.


The Diamond Pushup

Whatever fancy exercises may be advertised on the Internet and elsewhere, the standard pushup (along with many of its interesting variations) continues to be considered in a league of its own. This is because the said commonplace workout, in addition to strengthening all major muscle groups, is also one of the easiest exercises to perform practically anywhere.


The steps listed here are for the diamond pushup, which provides added shoulder-expansion benefits for women. I found this variation in an edition of the Women’s Fitness Magazine UK. To carry out this workout successfully, you may need to invest in some exercise equipment for legs at home.


Step 1: Lie face downwards in the typical pushup prone position, while balancing your body on your toes, forearms, and hands (which should meet in a triangular position on the ground).

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Step 2: Lift your body, and ensure that only the parts identified in the above step maintain contact with the ground.


Step 3: Maintain raised position for 5 seconds, and fall back to rest.


Step 4: Start with 10 reps per session, and increase up to a maximum of 25 in more advanced stages.


Ballet Decrements


Many women dream of getting toned legs and thighs like the ones commonly found on the bodies of ballet dancers. If you happen to be one of them, then consider giving my easy ballet decrements a try. I like to consider it the best exercise for legs at home.


Step 1: Stand upright, and gradually lower waist while widening the distance between your legs (until they’re almost shoulder length apart).


Step 2: Retain position for at least 10 seconds, then straighten up to rest.


Step 3: Perform up to 20 reps in each exercise circuit (ideally with a couple of women’s fitness weights).


Have fun with an overall great exercise to build leg muscles at home.


Short-timed Stationary Sprints (between exercise intervals)


With my stationary sprints routine, which hardly requires any running space, you’ll be working your heart muscles to their maximum potential in no time. All you need is some child-like glee, and the will to jog while keeping rooted to the same spot – as if you’re on a treadmill that doesn’t roll. All at home workouts for legs require a certain level of commitment, but this exercise demands only a little bit.


Do fast one-minute stationary sprints in between the other workouts listed above, and as part of an excellent warm-up routine.


If you’re interested in connecting with some like-minded women bent upon improving their health profiles at home, consider getting involved with a telephonic exercise group through the Spectrum Voice service – listings of which can be found on many popular internet forums like Weight Watchers and the Fast Diet network (among others).

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