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What Is Makeup Foundation?

Before having a look on bye bye foundation reviews let’s first learn what is a foundation.

Foundation is a cosmetic applied on the face for the purpose of covering flaws or creating even skin tone and sometimes for changing the natural skin tone. Some types of foundation also act as a moisturizer, some types as a base layer for other types of cosmetics and even as a sunscreen. The coverage of a foundation defines how much the foundation will conceal on the skin. it could be sheer coverage, light coverage, medium coverage, and full coverage. Bye bye foundation is a full coverage moisturizer. It is provided by IT cosmetics and comes with SPF50+. Foundation not only changes your appearance but is also helpful for hiding signs of anti-aging. Foundation is a cosmetic that not only enhances your look but also helps you to balance your oily skin or dry skin.

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Foundation provides many other benefits for your skin. Pollutants present in the environment causes excessive free radical damage to your skin. Free radicals increase the chances of premature aging of your skin. Foundation acts as protecting barrier for your skin. Foundation is a cosmetic that protects your skin from the pollutants present in the environment. When you wash away the foundation, the pollutants also gets washed away. This foundation also protects you from free radicals.

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Bye Bye Foundation It Cosmetics

Bye bye foundation it cosmetics is a full coverage foundation along with SPF50+ provided by the IT cosmetics. Bye bye foundation it cosmetics allows you to say bye to your daily foundation and gain the most beautiful skin. Bye bye foundation reviews reveal that it bye bye foundation is made for covering and the improvement of your skin problems such as pimples, redness of the skin, dark spots, wrinkles and fine lines and many other skin problems.

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In addition to this, bye bye foundation reviews also states that since bye bye foundation it cosmetics contain SPF50+, it also provides you with protection from the sun. Bye bye foundation ulta is made using 3D skin flex technology and thus when applied to the face, hides all the lines and wrinkles with such an effect that one cannot imagine something is even applied to the face. Bye bye foundation reviews also include that the bye bye foundation is suitable for almost every skin type.

Bye bye foundation reviews suggest that bye bye foundation consists of the light diffusing pigments, suitable for blurring your flaws.

Bye Bye Foundation Ingredients

Bye Bye foundation reviews made clear bye bye foundation ingredients which makes bye bye foundation suitable for you. There are 7 bye bye foundation ingredients which makes it the foundation to choose from other options. Bye bye foundation ingredients are fermented sugarcane along with rice which is also fermented. bye bye foundation reviews helped in discovering that these two bye bye foundation ingredients enhance the look of the skin. Fermented coconut water is another bye bye foundation ingredient which is supposed to hydrate your skin and provides nourishment to the skin.

Other bye bye foundation ingredients are fermented sea kelp, green and black tea, white Ginseng and fermented pumpkin. bye bye foundation reviews state that all these bye bye ingredients in combination moisturizes your skin and provides a lot many nutrients to your skin.

Bye Bye Foundation Shades

Bye bye foundation is available in 12 shades depending upon your skin tone. Bye bye foundation shades are:

  • Fair : These bye bye foundation shades are suitable for people with fair skin. A person with warm skin undertone tends to choose this bye bye foundation shade.
  • Fair light : These bye bye foundation shades are suitable for a person with cool skin undertone. If you get easily tanned under the sun, then this bye bye foundation shades are suitable for you.
  • Light : Bye bye foundation light shade is suitable for those who have light skin and much warmer skin undertone.
  • Light-medium: Bye bye foundation light medium shade is ideal for people with cool skin undertones.
  • Medium : These bye bye foundation shades are suitable for people with warm skin undertones and medium skin.
  • Neutral medium : These bye bye foundation shades is ideal for people having medium skin but neutral skin undertone.
  • Medium tan: These bye bye foundation shades are ideal for people with medium to tan skin and warmer skin undertone.
  • Neutral tan: These bye bye foundation shades are suitable for people having neutral skin undertone and tan skin.
  • Tan: People with tan skin tend to choose this bye bye foundation shades.
  • Rich: People with tan skin or rich skin choose this bye bye foundation shades.
  • Rich honey: People with warm skin undertone as well as deep skin chose this bye bye foundation shades.
  • Deep: People with neutral skin undertone and deep skin choose this bye bye foundation shades.
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Bye Bye Foundation Application

Apply only 1-2 plumps using your fingertips or through IT cosmetics brush. Bye bye foundation application works well when applied from the center of the face and then spreading it in a smooth and blending way in an outward direction. This would provide a fresh and hydrated look to your face.

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