Best mens cologne for summer

Best Mens Cologne For Summer 2019 | Long Lasting Summer Cologne

What is Cologne?

  • Cologne is a type of perfume, a liquid with pleasant smell for skin.
  • A type of weak perfume.


  • What is Cologne?
  • what is difference between cologne and perfume?
  • Requirement of best mens cologne for summer Mens perfume guide
  • Strength of best mens cologne for summer
  • List of some long lasting best mens cologne
  • Mens perfume priceline
  • Best long lasting mens cologne?

what is cologne?

  • A perfume is a mixture of fragrant essential oils, aroma compounds, fixatives and solvents used to give human body agreeable scent.
  • It’s usually in liquid and provides a pleasant smell to a person’s body.
  • A perfume is important for its own reasons and is usually considered a fashion statement.
  • Men and women have different personalities, therefore, requires different fragrance that suits their persona.

What is difference between cologne and perfume?

  • In general perfume usually means any fragrance for women and cologne usually means any fragrance for men.
  • To perfumistas, the word perfume and cologne have specific meanings which have nothing to do with gender designation. Rather they have to do with strengths of the liquid that fragrances are sold in.
  • A cologne is a weaker concentration of fragrance than perfume.
  • Perfume and cologne differ from each other mostly in strength.

How To Choose Cologne

  • We all want to smell good to have a good impression among people.
  • Especially men, as we know men need long lasting cologne to get rid of their bad body odor.
  • And the best solution for this is, to opt a reliable strong long lasting cologne .
  • A good long lasting cologne help to make a good impression .It makes you confident and we cannot regret it also make you feel active and fresh whole day long.
  • It is an invisible part of your personal style.
  • It has a significant effect on how people perceive you.
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Mens perfume guide How to choose the right cologne

  • Picking cologne is often a befuddling mess of hit-and-miss scents and an array of confusing foreign vocabulary.
  • Don’t be swayed by any pesky salesmen, and instead let your nose be your guide.
  • Tips for testing to decide best mens cologne for summer:
    • Try prospective colognes on paper testers.
    • Try option 1 on one wrist and option2 on the other and wait 15 minutes to smell. This allows you to smell how the cologne interacts with your body.
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How to apply best mens cologne

  • Applying cologne centers around your body’s pulse points.
  • By dabbing a smidge of cologne to these pulse points, it will allow your body’s natural heat to distribute and activate the scent.
  • When applying, be sure to dab and not rub the scent, as this can compromise the scent by spoiling the high notes, or leading smell, of the fragrance.
  • Allow the fragrance to take its course on its own
  • Body’s pulse points
    • Behind the ears
    • Base of the neck
    • Wrists
    • Inside your elbows
    • Inside your knees

How To Apply Cologne Properly

  • Learning to apply the perfect amount of cologne is an essential lesson that every man should learn.
  • The rule of thumb is that no one should be able to detect your scent unless they are within a 1-foot radius of you.
  • Always start with a smaller amount and add as needed.
  • You should only need about 1-2 sprites or dabs to get you through the day.
  • This should be an accent to your persona not an assault on the senses.
  • The amount of cologne to wear can also depend on your skin type.
  • For oily skin, fragrance sticks longer and stronger so be minimal with your application.
  • If you’re skin is on the drier side, the fragrance will probably wear off faster. For increased lasting power, try moisturizing the area before applying.

Storing best mens cologne properly

  • Buying great cologne is an investment that should, with proper maintenance, give you great return.
  • Whether cologne is a part of your everyday ritual, or it’s reserved for special occasions, a bottle should not spoil if the following elements are avoided:
    • Heat
    • Light
    • Oxygen
  • If you are the occasional wearer, consider storing your cologne in the refrigerator. This will eliminate a lot of these factors from spoiling your fragrance.
  • Strength of best mens cologne for summer
    • The strength of the cologne determines how far the scent travels.
    • A stronger cologne is projected further and can be smelled several steps away, while a milder one is only noticeable by someone in a close embrace.
    • Use discretion when applying a strong smell. With powerful blends, only a tiny dab is sufficient.
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which mens perfume lasts the longest

  • Here you going to find out best perfumes for men.
  • We have picked top branded long lasting Best mens cologne for summer.
  • These are the best top branded long lasting cologne , this will surely let you to make a vibrant morning impression and feel fresh.
  • These will let you attract the women and will give a Mediterranean lightness
    • Armani Sports code –Giorgio Armani
    • Bleu – Chanel
    • Dolce and Gabbana
    • Polo Black
    • Aventus – Creed
    • Aqua di Gio
    • versace cologne
    • creed cologne
    • iem cologne
    • invictus cologne
    • tom ford cologne
    • burberry cologne
    • polo cologne
    • hugo boss cologne
  • Here is the list in INR from famous e–commerce websites features to help you out in choosing strong cologne that last all day.
  • Men’s had fewer items to choose unlike women’s
    • There are many but these were long lasting Best mens cologne for summer .

Mens perfume priceline

  • This listing contains mostly preferred Best mens cologne for summer and the strong heavy cologne with appropriate costs.
  • This list will help you to choose best among the few things
    • Davidoff champion spray at ₹ 2,582 by
    • Nike casual fragrance for men at ₹ 599 by Shopper Stop
    • Envy men cologne at ₹ 120 by
    • Zuska Atlas cologne costs ₹ 339 by
    • Wild stone Ultra by at ₹ 299
    • Fogg Impression cologne for men by Amazon India at ₹ 413 etc.
    • Biotique Bio fresh Neroli costs ₹ 699 by
    • Jaguar Men Body spray at ₹ 399 by Myntra
    • The power men’s cologne at ₹ 199 by
    • Park Avenue French by Flipkart at ₹ 189, etc.
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Best long lasting mens cologne

    • Want to make your favorite long lasting cologne to last more to get rid of the unwanted odor.
    • The DIY tricks to make your strong heavy long lasting cologne to last more longer.
    • If you will follow, all these small tricks or life hacks your strong heavy best long lasting cologne will last even for the much longer time and make you feel enthused.
    • Your all complaints to find Best mens cologne for summer  will get solved easily.

To make you feel fresh follow this life hacks

  • You just need to apply Vaseline on the pulse points before spraying the cologne. This will make your string heavy cologne to last even longer making it the best mens cologne for summer.
  • Another trick to make the cologne last for more time is to apply a unscented body lotion before applying your favorite branded long lasting cologne .
  • Last but not the least, spray the cologne at right time. Wondering what the right time to spray cologne last long? Well, the best time to spray cologne last long is directly after bathing and before getting dressed. And don’t dab the cologne on your wrist.

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