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Few…Just Five Minutes for you Skin 

Time has changed and is changing rapidly.Old people use to do their Saaj Shringaar  everything at home from home made products ,which was the actual beauty and real gold of life 
In reality none of has time to spend time in beauty parlours
Every Men and Women used to go for work outside their house ,which leads to face lots of dust which sticks on their face.
To keep Your skin healthy and younger you just need 5 minutes per week .

Giving 5 Minutes to your beauty will not only give you a confidence to you  but also a fresh feeling to you .Keeping in mind the beauty of men and women is the major issue of young generation.

5 Minutes for your skin depends on the type of season : summer , winter , spring  or rainy etc .

  • Best Natural Products for skin in SUMMER : fruits
  • Best Natural Products for skin in WINTER: Dry Fruits 
  • Best Natural Products for skin in RAINY: Gel
Using Face wash has become a trend these days which is harmful for skin ,although face wash removes dust from face clearly but it should be used properly.Using face wash when going outside is a bad practice ,it opens the pours  and when you outside dust sticks into them and makes your skin polluted which causes acne and pimples on face.
So its better to use face wash at night which will make your skin healthy.

To keep Your 5 Minutes beauty 

  • choose a day of your choice to give to your beauty 
  • wash your face with water (if you have holes in your skin use cold water wash )
  • For clean up : 
  • Oily Skin : use Gel 
  • Dry Skin : use cream not moisturizer or body lotions
  • Massage 2 mintues on your face , rub each and every section take some water to make it slightly slippery on your skin.Massage in the direction arrow not opposite otherwise it will make your skin loose .
  • after 2 minutes wash it and apply any facepack .preferring home made packs are good ,like multani mitti or massor dal (orange dal )face pack.
Once the facepack dries wash it and apply any moisturizer or coconut oil (2 drops.) .and leave it.
Doing clean ups at nights are most effective then at night .as skin is more sensitive towards sun rays also dust particles will not stick in night and skin will breathe properly.
For proper Healthy skin its necessary for the skin to breathe properly .
face wash washes the skin deeply and open pours whereas face pack closes the pours.
Doing this cleanup once in a week is most effective To keep your skin.Use Dry fruits and fruits according to the season.
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