10 Hair Problems Every Women Deal With

Who doesn’t want a classy looking hair? There are no women in the world who don’t want to look perfect in parties. And not only in parties but in their daily routine.

And the credit to look beautiful somewhere goes to skin and hair. Every woman in the world cares for these two things a lot. Some women are fed up with the type of their hair and some with the type of skin. In this world of chemicals and advancement in the cosmetic area, it is hard to trust any product. And we always recommend using the one which doesn’t harm your hair. Women have more issues with hair than man, either is dry and dull hair, thin hair problem, hair fall problems or problem with hair graying. And Most of the problems which women face can be treated with basic elements if you have proper knowledge of it. In this article, we have discussed the top problems which 90% of the women face in her life.

Women’s Hair Problems

  1. Hair Fall & Hair thinning
  2. Hair Graying

Human hair has 3 types of cells one is for color, 1 for growth and 1 for the health of hair like strong or weak, thin or thick. To maintain healthy hair its necessary to maintain these three cells. Problems which occur in human hair are due to these cells when any one of them stops getting nourishments they gets died .also It has been seen that these cells die with age too. As the growth of hair and color cells are less during late age of life whereas in the starting age of the kid and adult its more.

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Hair Fall & thinning

Most of the women have the issue of hair fall. Hair fall is not directly related to the side effect of any product. It can be the deficiency of vitamins in your body. It is always recommended to take a balanced diet to keep the hair healthy and strong. Food not only affects our stomach but also our hair health. Human hair needs protein and iron which are necessary to keep them strong and tied to the scalp. There are certain hair loss vitamins which you take to prevent hair loss.

Hair Fall treatment at home

  • Regular oiling keeps the hair strong and prevents hair fall.
  • Using ayurvedic oils are recommended for soft silky and strong hair.
  • Try to use less heat on hair.

Hair density is directly related to the growth of hair. If you lose 1 hair in a day and don’t get 5 then it’s directly known as hair fall. Continuous hair fall can make your hair thin it is recommended to take hair growth diet along with regular care to prevent hair fall and hair thinning.

Hair Graying

Hair graying is another problem which most people face these days due to the usage of harsh chemicals which directly or indirectly enter in our body. Everyone use chemical product these days and you cannot skip when it comes to using shampoos and conditioners but what you can do is to protect them and care for them. Using the right shampoo and conditioner can help you get grey hair in late life rather in your early adult life. It’s recommended caring your hair in adult life with regular oiling and spas. If you cannot do this regularly then book a session for hair treatments in salons weekly.

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