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american eagle aerie

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american eagle aerie

Lingerie is a word which is used for women’s undergarments and nightwear clothes. The word lingerie is basically a French origin word which typically means linen. In French, the word lingerie is relevant to undergarments for sex. Most of the people relate the term lingerie for women only not for a girl but this is not rectified. Lingerie will include sleep shirts and stockings which also a girl could also wear. With the advent of 21st century, modern technology and good fabrics had led many paramount modifications with lingerie. Now astounding designing innovative lingerie like module T-shirt bra and laser cut seamless bra are available in the market with fabric rich look. Designers keep on putting innovative emphasis on lingerie for women to make the best.

american eagle aerie


Lingerie for women includes varieties of items. The category of lingerie will include Bra, Briefs, Baby Dolls, Bath Robe, Camisoles, Lounge Set, Lounge Pants, Lingerie Set, Lounge Shorts, Lingerie accessories, Nightdress, Night suits, Pajamas, Robe, Swimwear, Shape wear, Sleep Shirts, Stockings, Sleep Shorts, Sleep suit and Thermal Tops, etc.


Today we gonna discuss most of the things out of lingerie or sexy night dress for ladies . Also about bra, bra brands, bra types as bra matters a lot for women. We need to know everything about the bra to make a smart choice.  Most of the girls would go for good fitting lingerie bras well other gonna look some different type. This article will let you know everything about women lingerie and bra from there type to what bra to wear when also.

american eagle aerie

Styles of Lingerie you should know about

Women choose lingerie as per their comfort. There are varieties of lingerie available in the market. I gonna tell you about some styles of lingerie for women which are quite best and you will also get to know about the purpose of wearing different types of lingerie.

Retro style

This type of women lingerie is suitable for all types’ women. Women prefer Retro style lingerie to hide thick thigh. This lingerie will make you feel comfortable and sexy too.

Hourglass style

This is the ease with the curve of hip and enhance the sex appeal.



Minimal tongs style

This includes g-strings which will create a sexy, curvy silhouette


Pear style Bandeaus

Women having smaller chest could take advantage with this type of lingerie. However, most of them get confused with figuring out the right way to wear them.

american eagle aerie



Lace underwear style

this is fun style lingerie used commonly for the function of coverage and support. These types of beautiful lingerie play astonishing role in lifting the breast illusion of lace covered beautiful bras.

american eagle aerie



Baby doll style #hot night dress for ladies

These types of lingerie are quite famous and give a flirty look, usually, Baby doll style lingerie is made up of fabrics like chiffon and silk. It helps to minimize full thigh and hips. They add a great look to the body.

this is fun style lingerie used commonly for the function of coverage and support. These types of beautiful lingerie play astonishing role in lifting the breast illusion of lace covered beautiful bras.

Corsets style

These are tight-fitting undergarments, they gonna help you out with tummy problems. It creates the womanly figure as it cinches the waist.

american eagle aerie


V–cut style

Women having apple shaped can go for V–cut Panties. People having apple shape have more in their top half than the thighs this is right kind of lingerie for them which minimize the look.

american eagle aerie


These were some styles of lingerie which you should know about.

Wrapping it up with – Women Bra

Let’s talk about bra also famous bra brands. There are many types of bra available in the market. But in order make a smart choice you need to know the bra first. There are many but the bras which one should definitely know about are listed below:

Pushup Bras

In order to give you a sexy cleavage this bra will move the breasts upward and bring them closer together.  This bra comes with silicone gel or foam to lift up the breasts.

american eagle aerie


Padded Bras

These types of bras every woman should own because these types of bra play a great role in preventing nipples to show in fitted outfits.

american eagle aerie



Convertible Bras

Also called as cross back bras. These bras usually come with detachable straps which let you rearrange them thus you will one bra with many designs.

american eagle aerie


Sports Bras

During workouts sports bras provide supports to the breasts. The hold them tightly and prevent their bouncing. They help a lot in doing exercises easily.

american eagle aerie


Stick on Bras

if you want to wear a sheer back or backless outfit. These gonna be the best choice. these bras had silicone cups and side wings which are the efficient outfit.

american eagle aerie

Longline Bras

they look great these are beautifully stylish and functional bras. These are the extended few inches below the bust and above the belly. This bra had great laying for everyday outfits.

american eagle aerie


Maternity Bras

To deal with the problems of changing breast sizes during pregnancy as it had moulded cups. Pregnant women should definitely go for these types of bras. It had removable flaps unhooked and helps in breast feeding.

american eagle aerie

There are many brands for bras but the best 9 brands of sexy night dress for ladies which you should know about are:

  • La Perla
  • Wonder Bra
  • Victoria’s secret
  • Calvin Klein
  • Aubade
  • Chantal Thomas
  • Agent Provocateur
  • For Love and Lemons
  • Wacoal
  • Adore Me
  • american eagle aerie

These brands will help you greatly with shopping struggles also these had varieties of categories to help you out.

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